Five Things You Need To Know About Debts And Taxes

4 March 2015
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Excessive debts can make everything overwhelming, including paying your bills every month and even doing your taxes. If you have a lot of personal or business debts and you are wondering if they could have an effect on your taxes, the answer isn't simple. It depends on which type of debts you have and several other factors. Here are five things you need to know about debts and taxes: 1. Personal debt forgiveness Read More 

Heavy Equipment Leasing: Types Of Leases And Things You Should Consider

18 February 2015
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As you begin looking at the jobs your company has coming up this year, are you having concerns over how well your equipment will hold up with these projects? If so, you may want to consider getting new equipment, but you might have worries over this too. Purchasing new heavy equipment can be expensive and risky; however, there is another option. You could lease the equipment instead. Companies that offer heavy equipment leasing generally offer several different types of leases and various options you can choose from. Read More 

2 Reasons You Should Consider A Consumer Proposal

19 January 2015
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Everyone runs into financial trouble from time to time, but dry spells last longer for some people than they do for others. If you are out of work or struggle with an ongoing health condition, you might find yourself drowning in past-due bills and collection calls. However, there might be a way to avoid bankruptcy. Here are two reasons you should consider a consumer proposal: 1: You Can Make Things Right With Your Creditors Read More 

A Few Tips On How To Cut Your Tax Bill

7 January 2015
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We've entered the New Year and the time for festivities has almost come to an end. Many online tax websites have started shooting emails to propose their services as the time to filing individual tax returns is also nearing. This article gives a few tips that you may use to cut your tax bill. Escaping your tax liability will backfire Each year, there are many Canadian residents that consider leaving the country to escape their tax duties. Read More 

What Are Your Credit Options After Bankruptcy?

3 December 2014
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If you've recently undergone a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or other credit-damaging event, you may be concerned about your ability to qualify for loans in the future. The good news is that this temporary dip in your credit score won't last forever -- and even while you're in the credit rebuilding process, there are loan options available. Read on to learn about several credit options available to individuals with poor credit, as well as ways to improve your credit score to qualify for future offers. Read More